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USC: Owning a home may not be in the cards for many millennials Link

USC: With encouragement from university religious leaders, Atheist alumna heeds her spiritual calling Link

O.C. Register: Reliving the Revolutionary War…in Surf City Link

O.C. Register: Too busy to shop? Personal shopping isn’t just for the VIP anymore Link

Marketplace.org: Motorcycle companies are finally catching up to their female clientele Link

O.C. Register: Seven cops taken off streets after state says academy didn’t meet minimum standards Link (one in a series of stories largely based on public records)

O.C. Register: Can Kaleidoscope Mall shake its troubled history? Link

L.A. Register: Tech’s gender mix slowly changing PDF

L.A. Register: Malibu wrestles with public access at seemingly private beaches PDF

O.C. Register: Looking back at one of the worst fires in O.C.’s history PDF

O.C. Register: High schools scramble to combat rise in heroin abuse Link

L.A. Times: Female paranormal investigators form their own niche Link