Shows I produced:

Spectacle: An Unscripted History of Reality TV (lead writer + lead producer)

ESPN Investigates: The Running Man (lead producer + co-writer)

Telescope: Life in the Time of Corona (producer + reporter)

Stories I reported:

Telescope/Neon Hum Media: Getting hitched on Nintendo Switch: An Animal Crossing Wedding

The Frame/KPCC: Meet the woman behind L.A.’s epic balloon installations (starts 18:38 in episode)

Outlook/BBC World News Service: A homeless pianist brings joy to L.A.’s Union Station (starts at 17:30)

Design and Architecture/KCRW: At Podshare, living communally without privacy

SoundsLA/KCRW: Maybe the last elevator operator in L.A.

The Frame/KPCC: What if President Donald Trump was on your improv team?

The Frame/KPCC: LA’s feminist artists get help from the Women’s Center for Creative Work

Take Two/KPCCCrystals, aura readings and healing treatments are no longer the ‘hippie fringe’ in LA

Outlook/BBC World News Service: Meet ‘The 5th Dementia Band’

Off-Ramp/KPCC: This Garden Grove tattoo shop is one of the only places to get a proper Samoan Tattoo

Runner’s World Show: Running everyday is everything to two teenage brothers (story starts at 35 min)