Spectacle: True Crime

On the third season of the NHM original series, we decided to delve into a much different spectacle — true crime. We discussed how televised trials created a hunger for gavel-to-gavel coverage, how prestige true crime shows (such as The Staircase) are sensationalizing victims’ families in real time and we dug up the dirt on shoddy forensics. This season includes interviews with Dateline’s Keith Morrison, Black & Missing EP Soledad O’Brien, Don’t F**k with Cats’ Deanna Thompson, and Margie Ratliff of The Staircase documentary.

As the show runner, I led the reporting and writing of the episodes and gave editorial direction on sound design and music composition.

Selected episodes:

4: Keith Morrison On How Dateline Cracked The True Crime Code

6: Citizen Sleuthing Gone Good… and Bad

10: Is Prestige True Crime Sensationalizing Real Pain?